1 to 1 Coaching Sessions

I accompany you on a journey of transformation towards your best self.

Reconnect with what you love about your life
and your work.

I help enhance individual performance and develop high-potential employees and leaders within organizations.

Executive Coaching

Leadership Circle Profile
Unlock your leadership potential with the Leadership Circle Profile assessment. Discover your unique operating system, challenge assumptions, ignite creativity, and enhance your capabilities.

Guided Growth

Ofrezco entrenamiento y tutoría a entrenadores que se esfuerzan por alcanzar el dominio en su campo. Estoy aquí para desafiarte a convertirte en el mejor entrenador que puedas ser.

Discover more about Coaching 

The heart of leadership is the well-being of your team. It’s not about being at the top, it’s about lifting others up. Watch this video to learn more.

Michelle Kempton


Founder of Kempton Coaching & Training.
Developer and trainer of leadership programs.
Faculty at CTI.

As a trailblazer in using coaching as a leadership tool across Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America, Michelle Kempton is an expert in the coach approach to leadership and organizational transformation. With the highest accreditation from the International Coach Federation and over two decades of experience, she has successfully conducted exceptional, high-impact experiential learning programs in more than 30 countries for a multitude of Fortune 500 companies across various industries.

I can support you
if what you need is:

Navigate through challenging decisions

Uncover a deeper purpose in your life

Discover what thriving versus surviving means

Navigate through challenging decisions

Uncover a deeper purpose in your life

Discover what thriving versus surviving means

I am 100% focused on supporting you
to achieve your goals.

I use a wide range of tools to help you become more aware of your strengths, understand how others perceive you, and identify current goals, as well as the right action steps to achieve those objectives.

Through a personalized coaching approach, I empower you to navigate challenges, improve emotional intelligence, and tap into your full potential.

A safe and authentic space
for reflection, learning, and growth.

This is an individually designed process for personal and professional development that fosters a close and confidential relationship between you and me.

Every coaching session is held in the strictest confidence. Confidentiality means that as a coach, I am committed not to share any information acquired during our coaching relationship without your explicit consent.

What is the first step?

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the world of coaching or if you’ve had 10 coaches before. Each journey and process is unique because it’s about the synergy between us as individuals. Our first step will be to have a chemistry session where we’ll explore how the coaching process can be the powerful catalyst for the change you desire in your life. This allows us to experience our connection and determine what tools you need at your disposal to help you reach your full potential and see if we’re the right fit for this journey together.

I Want to know more about you.

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