Coaching Mastery Lab

By Michelle Kempton

Learn new skills and tools that will help you
evolve towards mastery in coaching.

¿What is CML?

The Coaching Mastery Lab is an exciting monthly one-hour Masterclass aimed at empowering coaches with cutting-edge tools, fresh insights, and the inspiration to elevate their coaching abilities. 

These Masterclasses cater not only to experienced coaches looking to further hone their skills but also to new coaches seeking to enrich their toolbox with new methods and approaches and raise their coaching to a higher level of excellence.

These gatherings also serve as a dynamic platform for exceptional coaches to exchange knowledge, cultivating collaborative learning and growth. Coaching Mastery Lab promises to be both exhilarating and rigorous, representing a highly worthwhile investment of your time and energy.

12 Coaching Mastery

Each Mastery Lab explores a different dimension of coaching, including emotions, metaphors, the body, intuition, creativity, improvisation, observation, handling challenging situations, visualizations, and building resonance.

2 hours per Lab

1 Lab per month

12 Labs

1. Beyond Words: The 4Es of Coaching Emotions (June 2024)
2. Metaphor Magic: Unlocking the Unspoken in Coaching (July 2024)
3. BodySpeak: Finding the Body’s Voice in Coaching (August 2024)
4. The Intuitive Lighthouse: Elevating Coaching with Spontaneous Insights (Sept. 24)
5. The Creative Playground: Bold and Innovative Coaching (Oct. 24)
6. Impulse to Impact: The Power of improvisation in Coaching (Nov. 24)
7. Decoding the Unsaid: Observation as a Superpower in Coaching (Dec. 24)
8. The Human Orchestra: Coach as Transformative Instrument (Jan. 24)
9. Seamless Sessions: Navigating Challenges in Coaching (Feb. 24)
10. The Mind’s Eye: Visualisations in Coaching (Mar. 24)
11. The Magic Sauce: Building Resonance in Coaching (Apr. 24)
12. Sealing the Deal: The Art of Closing a Coaching Session (May. 24)

Mastery Lab Structure

Part 1: New Skill/Tool Spotlight:

Clarify and define the focus of the new tool or skill.

Part 2: Coaching Close-up

Explore and unpack real, dynamic demonstrations, both recorded and live, that vividly showcase the skill/tool in action.

From Demo to Do it! Practice and Feedback

Hone your abilities with practice in trios, feedback, and the integration of the new techniques.

It's not about being a perfect coach but discovering your unique skills and style.

I will work with you and fellow coaches to cultivate greater courage, confidence, effectiveness, and innovation in your coaching practice.

Whether you’re just starting out or have extensive experience, I invite you to join me and elevate your coaching to new heights.

Program Instructor

Michelle Kempton


Michelle Kempton, a trailblazer in utilizing coaching as a leadership style across Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America, is a seasoned expert in human-centric leadership and organizational change.


Holding the highest accreditation from the International Coach Federation and with over two decades of experience, she has successfully orchestrated exceptional, high-impact experiential learning programs in over 30 countries, catering to a multitude of Fortune 500 companies across diverse industries.

Mentoring for Certification

Whether you’re a new or experienced coach, I offer a personalized approach to help you achieve your coaching goals, whether it’s ICF MCC or PCC acreditation or certification for the Co-Active coaching model. My method combines coaching sessions for experiential learning, Q&A discussions, and practical troubleshooting to enhance your coaching skills and address your coaching challenges.

The result is a transformative journey that not only helps you pass exams but also elevates your coaching knowledge and capabilities to new heights. Harnessing coach to coach synergy, you unlock your full potential


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