The Future Leader ®

The Coach Approach to Leadership
By Michelle Kempton

In this program, leaders will learn the keys that will allow them to enable 

team members to develop their full potential and drive their commitment 

by creating a strong connection with the organization’s DNA.

Crafted for leaders, executives,
and managers seeking to elevate
their leadership capabilities
and transform team dynamics.

The Coach Approach to Leadership places a strong focus on building robust relationships, promoting inclusivity among team members, and adopting a holistic decision-making approach.

Amid the constant transformation we face, this leadership style isn’t just forward-looking; it’s essential for overcoming the unique challenges posed by multigenerational, multicultural, and remote teams. It provides a democratic and effective route to drive your team towards enduring success, breaking free from the autocratic leadership of the past.

This program is ideal for you
and your organization
if what you desire is:

Discover more about Coach Approach to Leadership

The heart of leadership is the well-being of your team. It’s not about being at the top, it’s about lifting others up. Watch this video to learn more.

A truly unique program.

Our training methodology has been proven in over 30 countries, consistently achieving 98% participant satisfaction.

We adjust the program by integrating cultural intelligence according to the needs of the region.

Unlock the 10 Keys: Empower Your Leadership and Team for the Future

Each key provides you with the essential mindset, skills, and tools to become a leader with a coaching approach to leadership. This transformation empowers you to drive a cultural shift that prioritizes people in all aspects of your leadership journey.

Key #1: Presence
Key #2: Focused Listening
Key #3: Empowering Employees
Key #4: Leading By Example
Key #5: Adaptable Communication
Key#6: Emotional Intelligence
Key #7: Feedback Continuous
Key #8: Two-Way Communication
Key #9: Aligning Values
Key #10: Wellbeing

“Customers will never love a company until employees love it first.” Simon Sinek

The Assess, Integrate
and Master Methodology:
Unlock Your Future Leader (AIM)

Experience a transformative approach where each key begins with an assessment, providing valuable insights into your abilities in that specific area. Each key is accompanied by a mindset shift, empowering you with the necessary perspective for effective leadership. As you progress, you will integrate a new skillset and toolset, equipping you with the resources needed to unlock your full potential. This methodology guides you through a journey of self- discovery and growth, as you assess, integrate, and master each key to unlock the future leader within you.

Following, you can download simple and
quick self-assessments to gain awareness
of your current level in the keys to leadership.

Adapting to your
unique needs is
our forte.

Every company and individual is unique, and so are their training needs. We implement an approach that drives the culture forward, from how your organization currently operates to how you want it to operate.

Formats Tailored
to You and Your

We provide a variety of solutions customized to meet the learning needs and time constraints of leaders.

Furthermore, our offerings extend to inclusive and collaborative team training. While our primary audience is executives and managers, we also offer workshops for team members, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of their manager’s transformation and contribute to fostering an inclusive and collaborative workplace environment.


In-person classroom


Live virtual training led by an

Self-paced Online

Customized training on a learning
platform with supporting tools.

Virtual Learning Platform

A transformative journey
as we accompany leaders in
their pursuit of excellence.

Our virtual learning platform offers 14-day challenges designed to support leaders in practicing and implementing the key principles in their day-to-day activities. These challenges are tailored to enhance engagement and provide ongoing support throughout the journey.

Participants will have access to a variety of resources, including videos, tips, infographics, tasks, recommended reading, and informative materials.

Additionally, our platform includes a dedicated section for participants to answer weekly questions and share best practices and application experiences. By harnessing collective intelligence, the group benefits from diverse perspectives and insights, fostering a dynamic and enriching learning environment.

Our Methodology

Our training programs stand out for their emphasis on active leader participation, achieved through interactive, dynamic, and group exercises. Participants have the chance to engage in self-reflection, learn through hands-on experience, and then practically apply the skills and tools they’ve acquired. These interactive exercises foster collaboration and the exchange of ideas among participants, enriching the learning process.

Additionally, working in groups allows participants to learn from their peers’ experiences and perspectives, expanding their horizons and introducing new insights and approaches.

We wholeheartedly believe in the effectiveness of experiential learning, where participants can directly engage with the concepts and principles being taught, leading to a deeper understanding and more effective application in their professional and personal lives.


Over 20 years of success, cultivating the leadership of members from some of the world’s most prominent organizations.

Leadership Masterclassess

Future-Proof your Leadership

This series of MasterClasses is carefully designed to prepare leaders for the challenges of the future. Refine influential techniques, inspire your teams, and propel your leadership forward.

Each MasterClass provides practical tools to nurture team growth, create a supportive environment, and drive individual progress, ensuring you’re ready for the leadership landscape of tomorrow. Your future-ready leadership journey begins here.


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