Leadership Masterclassess

Acquire the Skills of the Leaders of the Future
By Michelle Kempton

This series of 12 Masterclasses is carefully designed to prepare leaders for the challenges of the future. Refine influential techniques, inspire your teams, and propel your leadership forward.

This program is ideal for you and your organization if you're looking to:

2 Hours per Lab

1 Lab per Month

12 Labs

1. Talent Magnets: Attracting and Retaining Top Industry Talent. (June 24)
2. Relational Resonance: Unleashing the Power of Workplace Relationships (July 24)
3. The Leadership Blueprint: Influential Leadership in Action (August 24)
4. Culture Catalysts: Creating Psychological Safety for High-Performance (Sept. 24)
5. Feedback Mastery: Cultivating a Culture of Excellence (Oct. 24)
6. Synergy in Action: Harness the Power of Communication (Nov. 24)
7. Gentelligence: Maximising the Potential of a Multi-Generational Workforce (Dec. 24)
8. The Coach Within: Everyday Empowerment (Jan. 24)
9. Leadership Alchemy: Transformation Through Listening (Feb. 24)
10. The DRIVE Model: Unlocking High-Performance Conversations (Mar. 24)
11. The Empathy Advantage: The Secret to Leadership Excellence (Apr. 24)
12. The Innovative Leader: The Art of Learning from Mistakes (May. 24)

Mastery Lab Structure

2 Hours

Max. 18 Participants.

Part 1: Insight Gathering

Participants take the “Mastery Insight Check” or “Group Pulse Check” assessment. Anonymously share collective results to gauge the room’s overall perspective.

Part 2: Spotlight

Dive into the MasterClass theme: What, why, benefits, statistics, and case studies. This presentation creates a deep understanding of the focus.

Part 3: Skill Boost/Tool Up Presentation

Present new skills or tools, addressing the question: How can we evolve and improve Elaborate on practical application and implementation

Part 4: Skill Lab Practice Session

Participants enter breakout rooms for role-play with feedback in groups of three. Session of in-depth practice and learning.

Part 5: Collective Intelligence Sharing

Participants discuss what worked, what didn’t, top tips, and lessons from the SkillLab. Gather insights to share with everyone post-MasterClass.

Part 6: Top Tips, Takeaways & Reflections

Participants individually share the most important thing they’re taking away. Distribute a handout via mail or chat, providing a tangible resource for ongoing reference.

Discover the coach
approach to leadership.

The coach approach to leadership enables its leaders not only to be more effective in their roles but also to inspire and motivate others to go beyond their comfort zones and reach their full potential.

It serves as a catalyst for positive transformation in any organization, fostering a growth mindset for learning and continuous development.

Each MasterClass provides practical tools to nurture team growth, create a supportive environment, and drive individual progress, ensuring you’re ready for the leadership landscape of tomorrow. Your future-ready leadership journey begins here.

Ignite a coaching culture
in your organisation.

A coaching culture encourages independent thinking, initiative, and a passion for self-development to enhance performance. It embraces the inherent need for challenging oneself and learning from mistakes through honest dialogue.

Our goal is to help leaders create a positive work environment where differences are valued, respected, and transformed into a competitive advantage.

Our Methodology

Our methodology is designed to facilitate practical learning, enabling leaders to maximize their workplace impact.

Learning by Doing

Our experiential learning methodology enables leaders to have a lasting impact at work.

Autonomy and Freedom

Learners have the freedom to define the 'when and how' to apply  what they've learned.

Clear and Engaging Content

We keep leaders engaged by delivering clear and captivating content.

Relevant and Research-Based

We address current challenges with real-world examples and research-backed solutions.

Autonomy and Freedom

Learners have the freedom to define the when and how’ to apply what they’ve learned.


Our tools, models, and approaches are immediately applicable.

Accessible at any time, place, or on any device.

These dynamic two-hour Masterclasses are exceptionally practical. Participants will acquire knowledge and skills that can be immediately integrated into their daily work. A safe space will be provided for experiential learning, sharing experiences, and discussing challenges between each Masterclass, promoting in-depth learning and the solid integration of new approaches and behaviours.

To facilitate these live Masterclasses, we utilise the Zoom platform, complete with interactive breakout rooms for hands-on learning. These rooms enable participants to actively practice new skills and tools while receiving immediate, real-time feedback. Our approach is finely tuned to meet the distinctive needs of each group, ensuring a truly personalised experience.


Dates have not been set yet. Please click the button “Pre-enrollment”, and we’ll send you the final dates before you need to commit to attending.

You have the flexibility to enroll in individual sessions, though we highly recommend taking the full series for a comprehensive experience.

No preparation is needed. Just come with 100% focus and no distractions to fully engage in the experiential learning.

We accept a maximum of 24 participants on a first-come, first-served basis, ensuring a personalized and interactive learning environment.

While we don’t provide participants’ emails, you can engage in private chat sessions at the end to share details and stay in touch if desired.

The MasterClass is designed for all industry professionals, offering valuable insights and tools for all levels of expertise.

Absolutely! As long as spots are available, you and your colleagues or your team can enroll together and share the learning experience.

Leadership Mastery Lab ®

Acquire the Skills of the Leaders of the Future
By Michelle Kempton

Every company and individual is unique, and so are their training needs. We implement an approach that drives the culture forward, from how your organization currently operates to how you want.


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