Who are we?

With more than 15 years of success

delivering dynamic learning experiences to some of the world’s most important brands, we partner with you to create leadership development solutions that align values and strategy while inspiring learners


We believe learning is a journey that should be meaningful and fun. We want people to learn new skills and behaviours, remember them, and to do something amazing with what they learn. We believe that true leadership ignites from within, that everyone can be a leader, and that people matter most


We’ve fine-tuned an approach that moves culture forward—from how your organisation works now to how you want it it to work. We use a blended learning methodology based on research about the way people learn and what makes learning stick over time

“Knowledge is the passport to the future.
Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”


We build leaders and boost organisational performance


We help you achieve wide scale culture transformation


We co-create tailored solutions that target your specific needs


We teach you the secrets to how great trainers are created not born

Tailor-Made Solutions

We combine subject matter expertise and the capacity to tailor programs to the specific needs of your organisation. From experiential leadership journeys to coaching and mentoring programs, we provide user-friendly custom-made solutions to help organisations thrive and succeed, longterm


Our research-based courses focus on the specific leadership behaviours that
motivate people and create a culture of high performance while tapping into the leader’s natural strengths and talents

Leading Virtually

We help leaders bring the right tools and skills into the new virtual work environment. The more effective leaders are at leading virtual teams, the more you can take advantage of the many benefits virtual leadership brings to an organization

Coaching & Mentoring

Our coaching and mentoring program will help your organisation achieve wide scale culture transformation by training your leaders and managers to be effective internal coaches

Executive Coaching

We work with high-potential employees on an individual basis to help them gain selfawareness, clarify goals, achieve your development objectives, and unlock your full potential

Tailor-Made Programs

We create learning experiences that drive business impact. We apply our unique experiential learning methodology to design exactly what your organisation needs to succeed

Custom-Designed Learning Journeys

We take you on individual learning journeys that offer great content and structure it in a way that provides a fun, engaging, and culturally relevant experience for you

Train the Trainer

When it comes to delivering an effective training program, the qualities and abilities of the trainer can make all the difference. We know that many companies want their own people to deliver their programs. That’s why we offer “Train the Trainer”. Today’s learners have high expectations of the learning process. So trainers need to be ready to deliver a “wow” experience. They need to be engaging, insightful, and use a coach approach to stay on top of their game and ensure knowledge is conveyed in the most effective way possible

Online Learning

By delivering training and development in a new way, with mobile access to learning opportunities, anytime, anywhere, on any device, we make the process easy and exciting for our learners, while allowing them to take responsibility for their own learning

Different Learning Experiences

Live: In-person classroom training.
Live Online: Virtual, instructor-led training.
Online: On-demand training, On demand support tools and learning platform

kctWho are we?