Train the Trainer

We believe that great trainers are created not born

Delivery matters!


When it comes to delivering an effective training program, the qualities and abilities of the trainer can make all the difference

Engage, Inspire
and Train

Be at the top of your game

Wether you are an internal trainer or freelance, we will give you the specific techniques and methods you need to be at the top of your game

Cutting Edge Training Skills

We believe effective trainers are continuously improving their understanding of the most current learner and organisational needs

Why train with us?

Our Train the Trainer course prepares you to provide dynamic and exciting programs that ensure knowledge is conveyed in the most effective and engaging way possible

Years of experience

Our program is based on extensive research and 15 years experience providing successful trainings for organisations all over the world

Our goal for you

What we aim to achieve: Trainers will be able to put cutting-edge techniques and current learning trends into practice immediately

Module 1

Super Trainer Essentials

Module 2

Super Trainer Confidence

Module 3

Super Trainer Mastery


Learn the most important qualities to be a superstar trainer


Learn 10 Key facilitation skills that will give you greater confidence and authority


Use an exciting model to faster an active and inspiring learning atmosphere


Learn how to keep your participants engaged from start to finish

“We’ll take you the next level as a trainer”

Michelle Kempton

kctTrain the trainers